2016.08.31 AMAT國際研討會

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Welcome to the International Symposium of Additive Manufacturing Taiwan, 2016

(31 August to 1st September , 2016.)


The International Symposium on AM Taiwan 2016 is the 3rd Int. Symposium since 2014. For these 2 previous Symposiums, we have around more than 200 participants.

This year, we organize 2 day programs which is focus on 3D printing technology/ industry, 3D Bio-printing and Medical Regulation for Bio-3D Printing. Our invited keynote speakers are come from Germany, U.S.A, U.K, Japan , Singapore and China.

First day will present academic and representative industry in the morning. And then, the innovative technology and research activities will be focused on the 2nd day and these presentation are open to call for presentation.

Also we will have another 2 workshops focused on the Regulation of Personal 3D Printing medical device and Bio-3D Printing in the second day (1st Sep).

The Result of Previous

2015 AM International Symposium Taiwan

2014 AM International Symposium


The 2nd Taiwan Additive Manufacturing (AM, 3D Printer) International Symposium was held at TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall at 16-17/June 2015 by PIDA and NTUST.

By this chance it can be an expectation of strength of 3D printing technology in application and research field in Taiwan, upgrading the level of related industrial technology, international expert can understand professional technology and ability of this field in Taiwan by this chance.

We hope after holding this seminar, we can improve the international visibility of Taiwan of 3D printing field, promote the interflow and national diplomacy activities of international academic, practical accomplish.

This symposium have around 200 participants, including the 8 keynote speakers from USA,UK,Japan,Greman.

The 1st Taiwan Additive Manufacturing (AM, 3D Printer) International Symposium was held at NTUST/Taiwan Tech at 3/March 2014 by BTCO and NTUST.

This symposium bring the international academic representatives, and AM Vendors together to present the most updated technology, applications and market.

5 UK speakers and one of each USA, Japan, China and Russia country speaker were invited to present the AM Technology, Application and Market for their country respectively.

Apart from the academic speakers, most of the major global 3D Printer vendors will be invited too, like 3D Systems (USA), Stratasys (USA), EOS (German), and Renishaw (UK). Beside the international 3D Printer vendors, 3 major Taiwan 3D Printer vendors are also invited to present their updated technology and products, like XYZ Printer, and MicroJet. Beside the symposium presentation, most of the AM vendors will exhibit their new technology and product.