Company Introduction

3D printing additive manufacturing service providers

Detekt Technology Inc. was founded in 2003. In the last ten years, DETEKT Technology Inc. is constantly pursuing innovation in relation to the evolution of the international one. Besides, we continuously register new patents and obtain international certifications. Through the accumulation of an amount of knowledge, we are now the most competent company in 3D printing additive manufacturing systems and service provider in Taiwan.

DETEKT Technology Inc. is specialized in 3D printing by providing machines in such areas as precision medicine, design industrial, semiconductors, 3D electronic circuit, aerospace industry, etc. The development achievements and application examples show that there is no undertaking comparable company in Taiwan nor abroad in the area of 3D printing subcontracting and in the medical application. DETEKT Technology Inc. proposes the most reliable and effective brands while providing a personalized consultancy service and technical support on the national territory or abroad.

Nowadays, we have a subsidiary specialized in the field of aesthetic surgery: iFaceDesign Technology Inc. We propose to surgeons and medical institutions some tools that allow them to improve their accuracy and their technique in order to reduce the risk of error during maxillofacial surgery. In August 2016, Detekt Technology Inc. expands its activities in China with the creation of SZ-DETEKT Technology Inc., we would like to seize the many opportunities of this market. We do our utmost for the company to prosper under an optimistic vision.

Main sales/services

Detekt Technology provides mainly upmarket 3D printing equipment and software. In addition, Detekt Technology proposes a wide variety of 3D printing service adapted to different types of demand. Our main customers are manufacturers, educational institutions and high-technology organisations. The 3D printing technology impact all industries such as research and development technology, academic and research institutions, artistic conception unit. In the last few years, Detekt Technology Inc. focused on 3D printing applied to medical industry. We have succeeded in modelling and reproducing a skull face, which helped to significantly reduce the probability of clinical failure, improve surgeon efficiency and accuracy during an operation.

The clinical trials are successful and approved by surgeons. In response to this specific demand, iFaceDesign Technology Inc. was created to be specialized in maxillofacial surgery (face, teeth modelling).DETEKT Technology Inc expands its 3D printing cutting-edge expertise from Taiwan to worldwide

DETEKT Services

【3D printing precision medicine】

◆ IFaceDesign Technology Inc. -3D Orthognathic surgery
◆ Orthopaedic
◆ Vertebra
◆ Rehabilitation Medicine
◆ Hand and foot surgical department
◆ Neurosurgery department
◆ Digital Dentistry

【High-tech industry application】

◆ Aerospace, automobile & motorcycle industry
◆ Precision industry
◆ Electronic circuit & semiconductor industry
◆ Sensor
◆ Design of creative industry

【3D printing services】

◆ Metal powder printing
◆ Nylon powder printing
◆ Resin material printing

Management philosophies

Detekt Technology Inc. ensures that its employees are independent and creative. Maintain the same high level of research and development in 3D printing area as the international one. The main purpose of Detekt is to become the Asian leader in 3D printing integration system service.