Aerosol Jet systems are ideally suited to develop, fabricate, enhance and repair high performance electronic and biologic devices for Consumer Electronics, Semiconductor Packaging, Displays, Aerospace/Defense, Automotive and Life Sciences end use products. The Aerosol Jet process cost effectively prints high resolution electronic circuits and components on 2D and 3D surfaces from a wide range of materials including conductive nano-particle metal inks, dielectric pastes, semiconductor and other functional materials.

Technology Overview

◆ Semiconductor

◆ 3D Silver Interconnects



◆ 3D Interconnects <30 um wide at < 60 um pitch
◆ Low temperature processing
◆ Multi-function chip, System in Package (SiP)
◆ More Functionality in smaller footprint
◆ Direct die attach for rigid and flex applications

◆ 25 micron wide interconnects printed on Stacked

3D Interconnects



◆ Aerosol Jet technology for 3D Smartphone antenna
◆ Direct print alternative to LDS + Plating
◆ Aerosol Jet Print Engine can support production of 30 000 units/week

◆ Aerosol Jet technology applied to smartphone antenna
◆ Increase the using space

◆ AJ applied to smartphone touchscreen
◆ Printing and design of conductor structure

3D Dual Band Antenna