Sustainable energy efficiency, the reduction of CO2 emissions, ongoing cost pressure and the continuing demand for innovation - automobile manufacturers are faced with major challenges. There is also a growing need for customer-specific solutions. Innovative, tool-less Additive Manufacturing provides a new approach to tackling the current challenges facing the automotive industry. It offers maximum design freedom while allowing the creation of complex yet light components with high levels of rigidity.

Leiber uses Inspire to design lightweight components

•  Leiber specialized in the production of lightweight components in aluminium, magnesium and special alloys, provides a full service from conception to production.

•  Leiber uses Inspire topology optimization technology into its design process to produce the lighter product while also responding to safety requirements.

Jialing Motors uses Inspire to design rear lift bracket

•  Conventional rear lift bracket is standardised. Its size is generally important.

•  Thanks to the topology optimisation of Inspire, Jialing Motors reduces the size of the structure to obtain an efficient product.

Renishaw uses Inspire to create a bike frame

•  The world's first metal 3D printed bicycle frame using the additive manufacturing technology.

•  The aim of this collaboration is to reduce the weight of a frame and to create a bicycle that testing standards.

3D Printing in the Serial Production of Vehicles