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Core Applications

3D Printed Structural Electronics

DETEKT latest Aerosol jet technology has allowed the 3D Printed Structural Electronics (3DPSE) can be used for a variety of electronics and biology applications.

3D Printed Preoperative Model

Can predict the possible accidents during surgery, reduce the risk and the operation time.
Through the model to strengthen medical communication, reduce medical disputes.
Surgery safer!


Event registration


DETEKT attends important industrial trade show all over the world. As a result, you can discover our products and services in person and get knowledge of how well our machines perform for your need. We mainly focus specific groups to enable them to have a fast and cost-efficient production of models, prototypes, samples, tools and final products. The groups range from semiconductor manufacturers, Heavy industries, aerospace, automotive, research and development and other fields.  


DETEKT often hosts 3D printing seminar to allow industrial companies to learn how to use 3D printing and discover more our products and services, which improve their manufacturing process efficiency and achieve special design. In addition, we also promoted our latest 3D printing technologies, such as 3D scan tooling, 3D software different function capabilities and even some case studies. This allows customers to have a better idea of how well our 3D printing machines perform.


Success Cases

DETEKT provides a variety of solutions to meet customers need. We have extensive experience in additive manufacturing and repaired components for global OEMs in heavy industry, aerospace, semiconductor, medical industry and small business resource sector.

Aerospace industry

LENS Print Engine Application

LENS systems use high-powered lasers to build structures layer by layer directly from powdered metals, alloys, ceramics or composites.

Semiconductor industry

The World's Thinnest Printing Technology

The most innovative manufacturing equipment can significantly increase the application to different types of substrates and material's restrictions.

Medical industry

3D Printed Medical model

DETEKT use the EOS-P series machine of printing the high-precision 3D medical model to solve customer problems.

Online printing service

3D printed for Tooling

The design benefits of Additive Manufacturing from DETEKT increase both the productivity of the tools and the plastic product quality.