Printed Equipment


Material:Nylon PA2200
Technology:Selective Laser Sintering, SLS

EOS-P110, the laser sintering rapid manufacturing has the advantage of producing very complex model that you could imagine. This technology has also the ability to be flexible, customizable and environmentally-friendly. It is well suited for 3C product launching, areas such as aerospace, precision mold, prototype, biomaterials manufacturing.


Material:Nylon、Stainless steel、Cobalt chromium alloy、Titanium alloy
Technology:Selective Laser Melting, SLM

The Benchmark for the industrial 3D printing of High-Quality Metal Parts - with Enhanced Quality Management Features, with a building volume of 250 x 250 x 325 mm, the EOS M 290 allows a fast, flexible and cost-effective production of metal parts directly from CAD data.


Technology: Stereolithography Apparatus, SLA

The DWS 020D 3D printer uses stereolithography technology to produce orthodontic models. A desktop system designed for dental laboratories that need speed and high precision with minimal finishing, the DWS 020D offers efficient 3D printing with low investment and running costs.

Aerosol Jet

Machine:Aerosol Jet 300
Material:Metal Inks、Resistor Inks、Non-Metallic Conductors、Dielectrics and Adhesive、Semiconductors
Technology: Aerosol Jet, AJ

Aerosol Jet 300 Series systems are ideally suited to develop next generation processes and devices for photovoltaic, touch screen displays, 3D interconnects and other printed electronics and biologics applications.