Electronic ink Novacentrix

NovaCentrix provides industry-leading photonic curing tools, conductive inks, materials and professional services to help develop and produce the next generation of flexible printed electronic devices. PulseForge® tools utilize photon curing technology, which is a cutting-edge technology that can dry, sinter and anneal functional inks on low-temperature flexible substrates such as paper and plastics in milliseconds. The PulseForge tool saves time and money, and enables new products in applications such as solar energy, RFID, displays, packaging, and circuits. Metalon® conductive inks utilize advanced materials and formulations to provide conductive options for the additive manufacturing of printed electronic products with stretchable, solderable, electrical resistance, and magnetic properties.
PulseForge tools continue to revolutionize the printed electronics industry through photon curing technology to overcome the low-cost goals that traditional ovens and lasers cannot achieve.